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The following guided tours are available by request:

  • Living Like Loockerman : An Inside Look at Early 19th Century Dining
  • Madness Revealed: Mental Health in an Annapolis Family
  • A Visit with the Johnsons: Charles Willson Peale and the Johnson Family Paintings
  • Tick Tock: Twenty Minutes with the Clocks Part One
  • The False Door Tour
  • Silver Status: The Chase Family Silver Collection
  • Anchors Away: Naval Connections
  • Revealing Reflections: A Tour of the Museum’s Collection of Looking Glasses
  • The Ladies of Influence: The Founding Women of the Hammond-Harwood House Association
  • Bach in the Ballroom: A Look at the Loockerman Family Music Books
  • Anatomy of Anglo-Palladian Architecture
  • The Artist’s Son: An in Depth Look at Rembrandt Peale & his Art
  • In Every Room a View: Panorama’s of Annapolis Then and Now
  • Annapolis and the Baroque Urban Plan
  • Chilled in China: Fruit Coolers at the Hammond-Harwood House
  • “A Drink Most Delicious”: Early 19th Century Summer Libations
  • Highlight’s of the John Shaw Decorative Arts Collection
  • A Day at Ms. Keet’s Academy: An Early Landscape Painting from a Female Academy in Annapolis
  • Ambition: Charles Willson Peale, William Buckland, & the Crafting of an American Identity
  • Bricks and Mortar: Examining the Exterior of Hammond’s Town House Villa
  • Writing on the Wall: The Loockerman Children
  • From the Bay: Maryland Seafood Past & Present
  • Great Expectations: St. John’s College’s Early Exhibitions at the Hammond-Harwood House
  • Rediscovering Relicts: A Look at the Hammond-Harwood House’s Archeological Collection
  • Buildings Now Forgotten: A Look at the Lost Outbuildings of the Estate
  • Home Burial: An Investigation into the Remains of Jeremiah Townley Loockerman
  • The Esteemed Doctor: A Look at the Life of Ninian Pinkney Jr.
  • Acquiring Antiquities: The Collections Committee at the Hammond-Harwood House Museum
  • All that Remains: The Story of the Peggy Stewart Bowl
  • Inside the Bedchamber Part One
  • At Home with the Harwood’s: Winter Holidays in the 1830’s
  • The Festive Bowl: A Tasting of Holiday Beverages from Maryland’s Way Cookbook
  • Intricate Inlay of the Collection
  • Vintage Valentine: Couples of the Hammond-Harwood House
  • Exploring the James Peale Collection
  • A Window Into Architecture: The Semi Octagonal Bay
  • Flora & Fauna in Furniture: A Look at Natures Influence on our Decorative Art Collection
  • Dining in the Dark: A Look at early 19th Century Lighting
  • Lafayette in Annapolis: Connections to the Collections
  • The Influences of Ancient Greece on Federal American Art & Architecture
  • Author in Residence: The Story of Hammond-Harwood House Renter William Oliver Stevens
  • Hammond-Harwood House and the American Civil War
  • Buying Local: A Look at Maryland Decorative Arts
  • Coffee with the Callahan’s: An Annapolis Family painted by Charles Willson Peale
  • Domestic Disarray: Social Ills of the Early 19th Century
  • Inspiration: A Look into the Design Books of Hammond-Harwood House Architect William Buckland
  • “The finest grained that you can meet with”: Mahogany & an Interconnected World of Cabinet Making in 18th century America

To arrange a special tour on any of these topics, contact our curator, Rachel, at 410-263-4683 x12

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Hammond-Harwood House

The mission of the Hammond-Harwood House Association is to preserve, for public education and enjoyment, the architecturally significant Hammond-Harwood House museum and its collection of fine and decorative arts.
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