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James Peale Ironworks

James Peale “The Mill” or Ironwork c. 1790

The Hammond-Harwood House is home to some of the finest examples of decorative and fine arts in Maryland. Some of our most treasured items are those that were here in the 19th century when the House was still a private residence. Other highlights include a large collection of paintings by Charles Willson Peale and other members of the Peale family, seventeen in total, and twenty one furniture pieces by the well-known Annapolis cabinetmaker John Shaw. Both men would have passed the Hammond-Harwood House often as they traversed the streets of Annapolis, so it seems only appropriate that some of their finest works are in residence here.

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HHH-Collections-DRItems from the Harwood Family

On view in the dining room are a dining table, set of chairs, sideboard, and tall case clock that were sold in the estate auction of Hester Harwood, the last private owner of Hammond-Harwood House, in 1924. The items had all been in her family for many years, and we have been fortunate enough to reacquire a number of them. Other Harwood family items now at the Hammond-Harwood House include a bed, other chairs, a glass compote, a coffee pot, andirons, and several portraits.

HHH-Collections-FAFine Arts

The paintings at the Hammond-Harwood House include works by one of the most famous portrait painters in colonial America, Charles Willson Peale, as well several members of his family. The painting of Ann Proctor by Peale shown above is a particular highlight, especially since the doll depicted in the painting is on view as well. Click here to view our list of paintings- Guide to Paintings

HHH-Collections400Decorative Arts

The Hammond-Harwood House is furnished with beautiful 18th and 19th-century furniture and decorative items. The collection of labeled pieces by the cabinetmaker John Shaw is a particularly unique feature, but the House is replete with beautiful and utilitarian objects that tell the story of life in Annapolis over two hundred years ago. List of John Shaw Furniture