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My computer crashed this week, and I am feeling discombobulated and unhappy with modern technology. But the hardships that accompany our dependence on electronic devices don’t seem so bad when I reflect on the alternative. I would much rather use a watch than its historical counterpart, the sundial. The one pictured below is at Whitehall, the 18th century home of colonial Governor of Maryland Horatio Sharpe. It’s beautiful, but I had no idea how to tell what time it was!

The sundial at Whitehall

Posted on May 18, 2012 in by Hammond-Harwood House



Hammond-Harwood House

The mission of the Hammond-Harwood House Association is to preserve and to interpret the architecturally significant Hammond-Harwood House Museum and its collection of fine and decorative arts, and to explore the diverse social history associated with its occupants, both free and enslaved, for the purposes of education and appreciation.
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