Secret Garden Tour 2020

Virtual Secret Garden Tour 2020

During the first weekend of June each year, the Hammond-Harwood House holds its Secret Garden Tour in a section of Annapolis. Hundreds of those who are curious about or love gardens have toured the secret gardens of Annapolis - behind historic houses, down picturesque alleyways, or inside intriguing gates.

This year a live event is not possible so we’re taking the event online. We have invited gardeners to share photos of their own gardens and we’re inviting everyone to tour the gardens online.

With the “stay at home” mantra ongoing, many of you have had an unprecedented opportunity to work on your own gardens. And we’re having a lovely spring this year, so all these efforts are apparent. What a great time to share the results of the hours of planning, pruning, planting, weeding, mulching, and decorating.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their images and supported the Hammond-Harwood House.

Please Consider Making a Donation

Help us make up the lost revenue from the live event by making a donation to Hammond-Harwood House.

The Secret Garden Tour 2020 is sponsored by:

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