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Today’s program is about William Buckland who designed the Hammond-Harwood House in Annapolis.  He was an architect.


Do you know what an architect does? If you said no, think again.  Have you ever built a snow fort, made a tent, or played with building blocks and Legos? Then you are an architect.





An architect designs and builds buildings. This building looks very modern but it shares many common elements, one of which is shapes.




Today you are going to help build the Hammond-Harwood House and you are going to use shapes just as Buckland did.


 Almost all buildings use geometric shapes. What shape do you see here?

And what common shape do you see in this office building?

This one?

Your design of the Hammond-Harwood House is going to be based on a five-part house using common shapes.

I have put numbers on this photo of the Hammond-Harwood House.


What is the number on the Main part of the house?  How do you know?  Is it because it is in the center and larger than the other parts?

The second part is called the Hyphen. What are the hyphens in this word “merry-go-round”?  They look like dashes and connect “merry” to “go” to “round.”  Now what are the numbers of the hyphens in the picture?

The last group are the Wings of the building.  How many wings does a bird have?  An airplane? What are the numbers of the wings in the photograph?

Now look at the Hammond-Harwood picture again.

This time we are going to look at shapes.

Can you find triangles?

How about circles?

Or a half-circle, otherwise known as a semi-circle?

Finally, find some rectangles or squares.

Now let us begin your design of the Hammond-Harwood House.


Below you will find a picture of a background for the house. Using a piece of paper 8 1/2” by 11”, copy the background for the house or make your own. Just leave room for your five-part house.

Now cut out the red shapes found below for the Hammond-Harwood House.  Put them on your background in the order of the real house. Finally add windows, doors, and other details.   You are now an architect!







We would love to see your architectural drawing of the Hammond-Harwood House.  Email it with your name to Rachel Lovett at hhhcurator@gmail.com.  Ask your parents first if it is O.K. to do it.  Thanks.

Miss Judi  

Volunteer Educator




















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Hammond-Harwood House

The mission of the Hammond-Harwood House Association is to preserve and to interpret the architecturally significant Hammond-Harwood House Museum and its collection of fine and decorative arts, and to explore the diverse social history associated with its occupants, both free and enslaved, for the purposes of education and appreciation.
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