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May 24, 2024

Anyone who’s lived in an old house, or visited a historic site, or walked on a cobblestone city path is confronted with mysteries. Anyone who reads history, or who picks […]

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Hammond-Harwood House Says Thank You!

May 24, 2024

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary   Hammond-Harwood House has a personality all its own. To walk through its rooms or to contemplate its architecture is an experience of […]

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Thomas Hall, Carver

Apr 10, 2024

The all-wood decorative carvings on the front door and in the dining room of Hammond-Harwood House astonish us with their graceful beauty and the intricacy of the designs. A study […]

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Back Away from the Tape

Oct 17, 2023

Do you have books or documents you love that have gotten torn, or fallen apart? In your sorrow, did you just slap a piece of duct tape on the spine […]

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Farewell to the Jefferson Campeche Chair

Oct 3, 2023

For over 13 years Hammond-Harwood House has been the proud steward of this non-folding, reclining sling-seat Campeche chair. It sits in the Hammond-Harwood House study under an engraved map by […]

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Women’s History Month Harriet Jacobs: The Woman in the Attic

Mar 8, 2023

Narrative accounts written by men and women formerly enslaved are an important source of information for us, enabling us to learn about the experiences of enslavement in the time before […]

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Women’s History Month: Margaret Mercer, Free-Thinker and Educator

Mar 1, 2023

Margaret Mercer lived at Cedar Park, an estate near Galesville in Anne Arundel County. Margaret wrote letters and tracts but did not leave a diary. The information here comes from […]

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Black History Month 2023 “A Family’s Escape from Slavery in a Covered Wagon”

Feb 17, 2023

Caroline Hammond, born in slavery in 1844, gave the following account of her childhood escape in an interview with a writer identified as “Rogers” in 1938. She was then 94 […]

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Black History Month 2023 “Certificates of Freedom: Did a piece of paper really make Mary Matthews free?”

Feb 10, 2023

  Certificates of Freedom: Did a piece of paper really make Mary Matthews free? In Maryland’s antebellum period, African Americans who were legally free still had to fear being kidnapped […]

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