Friday Photo: Not the Sofa!

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I probably should’ve saved this one for Christmastime, but I just couldn’t wait. When oh-so-helpful intern Tara handed me a file folder containing this picture this morning I just knew it had to be today’s post. It incorporates so many of my favorite topics: pseudo-colonial costumes, bad museum practices (they’re sitting on the antiques!), and, of course, silly hair.

This is the cover of the Baltimore Sun’s TV Week magazine from December 24, 1972. A description of the picture is on the reverse, and it says that the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting produced a special called “Christmas 1783,” which was taped in the Hammond-Harwood House. It was apparently “a re-creation of a holiday party of Colonial days.” If only we had a tape of the special…I can only imagine what other museum no-nos they committed during filming. In case it’s not clear, sitting on the sofa is now officially against Hammond-Harwood House rules!

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