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Here’s the Scoop!

Sep 13, 2023

Scooping the marrow out of meat bones isn’t a common trend, at least in 21st century home cooking, but it was certainly considered a very tasty part of dining in […]

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Hammond-Harwood House: 1936, A Year of Transition

Apr 8, 2023

This photograph of Hammond-Harwood House, dated 1936, was included in the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) of that year. The house was for sale by St. John’s College. The college […]

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A Moment in Time: The Earliest Known Photo of Hammond-Harwood House

Mar 18, 2023

This photo, published in 1892 in the book Examples of Domestic Colonial Architecture in Maryland and Virginia by James M. Corner and Crane and Eric E. Soderholz, may be the […]

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Women’s History Month Harriet Jacobs: The Woman in the Attic

Mar 8, 2023

Narrative accounts written by men and women formerly enslaved are an important source of information for us, enabling us to learn about the experiences of enslavement in the time before […]

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Black History Month 2023 “A Family’s Escape from Slavery in a Covered Wagon”

Feb 17, 2023

Caroline Hammond, born in slavery in 1844, gave the following account of her childhood escape in an interview with a writer identified as “Rogers” in 1938. She was then 94 […]

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Black History Month 2023 “Certificates of Freedom: Did a piece of paper really make Mary Matthews free?”

Feb 10, 2023

  Certificates of Freedom: Did a piece of paper really make Mary Matthews free? In Maryland’s antebellum period, African Americans who were legally free still had to fear being kidnapped […]

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Juneteenth 2022: Celebrating an Early Black Artist

Jun 19, 2022

On this Juneteenth, let’s recognize and celebrate Moses Williams, an early Black artist, and his influence on our perceptions of race and culture in America. As the maker of thousands […]

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Twelfth Night Ball Supper -Seasonal dining room table setting

Dec 10, 2021

By Joyce M. White, Hammond-Harwood House Trustee and Food Historian. Tablescape Overview This festive dining table exhibition displays the types of foods that may have been served at a Twelfth Night […]

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A Story for Juneteenth

Jun 18, 2021

June 19 is Juneteenth, the celebration of emancipation as it reached the final enslaved African Americans in the Confederacy in 1865. It took more than two years for news of Lincoln’s […]

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