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Making a Jigsaw Puzzle of Charles Willson Peale’s George Washington at the Battle of Princeton

Download the PDF with the Jigsaw Puzzle here: Activities for Jigsaw puzzle pdf

This activity uses a famous portrait by Charles Willson Peale. Many of his paintings are in the Hammond-Harwood House in Annapolis, Maryland.  When the museum opens again, we hope you can come and see them.


Charles Willson Peale was born in Chestertown, Maryland on April 15, 1741.  He is best known for painting many famous leaders of the American Revolution. He was called the “Painter of Patriots”. A person who loves his country and is willing to protect it is called a patriot.

While he did portraits of many historic figures including Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, he is probably best known for his portraits of George Washington. He painted over 60 of them ranging from miniatures like the one below to very large ones called full-length portraits.

The portrait below, George Washington at the Battle of Princeton, is an example of a full-length portrait. At 7′ 9″ x 4′ 9″ it is very big. It shows the conclusion of the battle between the British and American soldiers.

Today, you are going to make a jigsaw puzzle of this portrait.

You will need the following supplies:  the large portrait on page two, the jigsaw template on page 3, glue, stiff cardboard, and sharp scissors. You may need help when cutting the jigsaw template.  It is not easy to do.

  1. Print out the portrait and the jigsaw template.
  2. Trim the cardboard to fit the template. Then apply the glue to the entire template so it securely sticks to the cardboard.
  3. Place the image of the portrait on the other side of the cardboard and glue it in the same way as the template.
  4. Cut out the pieces of the puzzle.
  5. Shake up the pieces.
  6. Put the puzzle together.
  7. Place the puzzle in a plastic bag and label it with your name, the title of the puzzle, and the number of pieces.


I hope you had fun doing this. Let someone else in your family try to put the puzzle together.


Miss Judi

Education Volunteer












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