Report on Matthias Hammond (1748-1786), 1992

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Author: Dr. Jean B. Russo

Over the Hammond-Harwood House Museum Association’s eighty-four-year history, the organization has hired numerous scholars to conduct research into relevant history topics. One such researcher was Dr. Jean B. Russo, who was hired in 1992 to undertake a project to investigate more into the life of Matthias Hammond (1748-1786). In Dr. Russo’s report she dives into Hammond’s early beginnings, family, and business affairs.

Hammond was the original owner of the Hammond-Harwood House who hired architect William Buckland (1734-1774) in 1774 to design his house. Hammond never lived in the house, but his vision for the home still endures today. Recently transcribed into a digital version, we invite you to learn more about Hammond by reading Dr. Russo’s interesting research.

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