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Pinkney Coat of Arms

Jan 14, 2022

Annapolis, Maryland, c. 19th century Maker: Unknown Medium: Pencil, Ink, Paint on Paper Anonymous Donation European settlers brought coats of arms to this country and used them on commemorative objects. […]

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Pair of Mirrors

Nov 19, 2021

Hung high on the garden side wall of the dining room, these two stately English-made mirrors have been an elegant feature of the space since they were purchased in 1954. […]

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Dr. John Wesley (1804-1879) & Sarah Pinkney Hammond (1804-1850)

Nov 1, 2021

Dr. John Wesley Hammond (1804-1879) was the great-nephew of Matthias Hammond, original owner of Hammond-Harwood House. He was born at a plantation named Jackson’s Chance in Anne Arundel County. He graduated from […]

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Set of Cordial Glasses

Oct 23, 2021

Cordial glasses were very popular in 18th century England for fruit liqueurs and gin, generally having a “bowl” where the liquid was poured and elongated stems. Cordials such as sherry or ratafia, made from […]

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Sideboard Table Annapolis

Oct 21, 2021

The neoclassical style in paintings, architecture, music, and other cultural arts developed in early America alongside the movement’s popularity in England and the rest of Europe. This sideboard attributed to […]

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Mr. Thomas Johnson

Oct 14, 2021

Maryland-born artist Charles Willson Peale painted head-size portraits of Thomas Johnson and his wife, Ann, in the fall of 1788 at their home Pleasant Grove about nine miles west of […]

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Breakfront Bookcase

Oct 6, 2021

In the late 18th century Baltimore was Maryland’s city on the rise– far surpassing the sleepy capital of Annapolis. Over taxation and an unfavorable harbor had caused Annapolis to go into […]

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Lantern Clock

Oct 4, 2021

In 1941 Ethel Miller made an excellent gift to the Hammond-Harwood House Museum of several clocks, in honor of noted antiques specialist Edgar G. Miller Jr. This lantern clock, c. 1650, is the oldest […]

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Coffee Pot

Sep 24, 2021

Many Americans enjoy a cup of coffee to begin their day. The drink has long been a part of American morning rituals and coffee’s accoutrements feature in the history of […]

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