Exciting Visits

May 11, 2011

Hammond-Harwood House has had a number of special visitors recently. First, the students from The Key School called on us in colonial garb so that one student, dressed as William […]

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Friday Photo: Laced Up

May 6, 2011

Today’s photo shows an object from our collection, one that perfectly illustrates the idea that one historic artifact can illuminate a much larger concept, trend, or era. At first glance, […]

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Bird’s Eye View

May 4, 2011

The Hammond-Harwood House is a busy place since we’re preparing for tonight’s Volunteer Appreciation event, so I only have a short post for you. Check out this Sanborn Fire Insurance […]

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Friday Photo: Feeling Blue

Apr 29, 2011

Today’s photo is one I stumbled upon on the Internet. I wanted to see what photographs of the House were out there, so I went to Flickr and put in […]

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Collections Highlights: Ann Proctor’s Doll

Apr 27, 2011

It is nearly impossible to choose favorites from Hammond-Harwood House’s extensive collection of objects because all of them are beautiful, have a story to tell, or, in many cases, are […]

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Friday Photo

Apr 22, 2011

Every Friday, I will upload an interesting or aesthetically pleasing picture of Hammond-Harwood House, an object in the collection, or anything else I find relevant and appealing. This week’s feature […]

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Hammond-Harwood Myths

Apr 21, 2011

One of the stories surrounding the building of the Hammond-Harwood House in 1774 suggests that its original owner, Matthias Hammond, wanted such a large house because he was engaged to […]

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Do You Have What It Takes?

Apr 15, 2011

Calling all charismatic, historically inclined people looking for something to do with their free time! Hammond-Harwood House will be holding training for new docents soon. The House is open six […]

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What We Found…

Apr 12, 2011

Hammond-Harwood House is currently in the midst of Phase II of a four-phase roof restoration process. The roof structure on the southwest wing is being reinforced and the slate will […]

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Apr 11, 2011

Welcome to the brand new blog of the Hammond-Harwood House, a historic house museum located in Annapolis, Maryland. The Hammond-Harwood House staff will use this space to explore the House’s […]

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